“Horses put up mirrors to our souls, allowing us to view and evaluate ourselves in an ever forgiving, non-judgmental way.”

Horses change lives and inspire futures. Humble, a Mulatto Meadows project with the mission of exposing underprivileged and marginalized communities to the horse world, fosters respect, confidence, and accountability for urban youth through equine experiential learning. Our vision is to change the face of equine culture and inspire positive futures through horses. 

In urban communities, opportunities to connect with nature and the animals we share this planet with, are rare. Due to high costs and limited accessibility, horseback riding's phenomenal motivational and therapeutic qualities are often out of reach.  At Humble, we are removing these barriers. 

Through our programs, we teach all aspects of ranch life, educating our students on everything relating to the responsibility of interacting with, riding, and owning horses.  We cover all of the basic details such as maintaining sanitary facilities, and proper husbandry, upkeep of veterinary care and & animal health, riding skills, and horsemanship skills.  Not only does our curriculum help our students remain safe when riding and working with these amazing animals, it teaches them valuable leadership skills, provides a therapeutic experience, builds positive attitudes, and exposes them to the vast number of professions tied to the equine industry.                                   

Our work provides lasting positive impact on the lives of the youth who come through our ranch gates, and for those that find a niche in horses, create a learning environment with the connections necessary for them to pursue a life as an equestrian.   

If our vision and mission resonate with you, and you want to join the movement to change lives and inspire futures, we are grateful for your support and donations!                                                                                           

The Program

  • 8 Week Sessions 

  • 10 Kids per Session

  • A life-changing experience      


Humble’s goal is to provide our programming for underprivileged youth completely free of cost! 

Programs are hosted after school and on weekends in Briones CA. 

In the program we provide a basic introduction to horsemanship.  We work with our students to create a foundation of safety, to inspire and confidence around the stable, and to develop a balanced independent seat while mounted in the saddle. 


Located  in Briones CA. 15 minutes from Richmond, and 25 minutes from Oakland CA.

Help us



Mulatto Meadows Humble is a fiscally sponsored project of  the Social Good Fund, Inc. (EIN# 46-1323531). Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  

To donate by check:
Make check out to Social Good Fund, Inc. with “Mulatto Meadows Humble” in the memo and mail to:

Mulatto Meadows Humble
℅ Social Good Fund, Inc.
1588 Fitzgerald Dr., #363
Pinole, CA  94564




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