Heels Down
Fists Up

Equestrians for social change, your voices and horses are needed.

Heels Down Fists Up is about:

  • Peaceful, mounted demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

  • Building a diverse and inclusive equestrian community across riding discipline, racial and socioeconomic divides. 

  • Good horsemanship and horse/ rider safety


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November 2020

Next ride event
October 29, 2020

3pm - Laney College Student Parking Lot

How will you Ride Out To Vote?

By horse, bike, skateboard, free skates?

On Thursday, October 29th at 3pm, Brianna Noble in solidarity with the Compton Cowboys’ Fuck Talking Go Vote project will participate in the #RideOutToVote call-to-action in real time, leading a local group of riders to the Alameda County Courthouse to drop off mail-in-ballots.


The meeting point will be at the Laney College Student Parking Lot on E. Eighth Street and Fallon. Riders will then proceed to Oak Street up to René C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse.

Your vote must go through. 
Make it count by November 3rd.  
Ride out.  Drive out. Bike out.
Just get out... VOTE. #RideOuttoVote #Vote #PonyExpress #YourVoteMustGoThrough
Author: JJ Harris

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