Humble is an after-school equestrian program that immerses underprivileged children in all aspects of ranch life from riding and horse socialization, to husbandry and barn maintenance. We work with our students to create a foundation of confidence around the stable, on horseback, and in everyday life.

leveling An Unequal Playing Field

Today, youth from underserved communities––predominantly children of color––have limited access to enrichment programs and natural environments.


Due to high costs and limited accessibility, the motivational and therapeutic qualities of horseback riding are often out of reach.

  • Children from low-income families are 3x less likely to participate in after-school programs.

  • Children consistently involved in extracurriculars are 400% more likely to go to college than kids who cannot access these programs.

  • 76% of inhabitants in low-income and non-white communities are living in a nature-deprived area.

  • Adolescents involved in equine learning have fewer disciplinary problems, and their prosocial behavior is about 4x better than those who are not.

our programs

humble in the city

Humble in the City brings horses directly to children in nature-deprived, urban areas. These one-day events ignite curiosity and appreciation for nature and highlight the importance of civic engagement.

humble on the ranch

Humble creates multi-session programs tailored to the comfort level, time commitment, and goals of the students. Through an 8-week course, kids learn the foundation of riding, husbandry, and the responsibility that comes with the territory. 


Those that receive a Humble Horsemanship Certificate of Completion and want to continue will have the opportunity to join our long-term riding program. Riders must maintain a 3.0 GPA, complete volunteer hours, write age-appropriate essays, and receive quarterly reviews. Ariat is currently sponsoring this program.


 A portion of all of our lessons and classes go directly to funding Humble which helps to diversify and provide access to low income youth. 

Intro to Horse Open Class Any age + Family

We foster interspecies bonds, inspire curiosity in animals and the outdoors, and connect through equine experiential learning. Students learn to touch, groom and interact with a horse, then hop on for a pony ride. This class is appropriate for those who have never touched or ridden a horse before.

Tiny Tot Toddle Ages 6 and under + Parent/Guardian

There’s nothing quite as cute as watching our tiny humans interact with big horses! This family-focused class is our Intro to Horse Open Class tailored especially to children under 6 years and their parents.

Intro To Horsemanship Level 1 Teens, and Young Adults

Horsemanship is the art of effectively handling, and communicating, with the horse. In learning about the animal as a whole, we foster a unique sense of respect; for self, the horse, and the world around us. One that through equine experiential learning directly translates into a more confident and compassionate child both in and out of the saddle. 

In this 8-week long course we learn all the basics of everything horse from the ground on up. From anatomy, haltering, and grooming to the basis of proper husbandry and care, we believe that horsemanship is a language that transcends all disciplines. Children learn to ride in a balanced seat that gives them the foundational skills to later succeed in any style of riding!

Herd of Trades Teens, and Young Adults 

During this course in addition to the above we also introduce our young adults to agricultural-related trades. From basic carpentry, agricultural mechanics, electrical, plumbing, and hydroponics care of our fodder system. All skills correlate directly to potential trades and college opportunities.

Farmers Fitness (50 Minutes) Adults, Family, and Youth-Specific Days

Fun interactive outdoor fitness class led by certified trainer Ava and surrounded by the beauty of the animals and Ranch. Farmers are so fit because their days include stacking hay to feed, bailing water, and trekking through our onsite trails to care for our animals. Whether you are looking for low, medium, high impact, or a fun way to engage your whole family unit in fun exercise our Farmers Fitness is a good way to get a serious workout! 

additional programming coming soon!

Another reason that we are so excited have our own ranch is that we will be able to make an even bigger impact through expanded programming. In addition to our current Humble on the Ranch offerings, we are proud to offer programming specifically focused on providing cultural education for BIPOC participants and allies of the the Horseman across various cultures.


We are excited to introduce the following additional programs:


Cowboy Campouts Little Edition 

Perfect for families with smaller children though everyone is welcome

Engaging the whole family, play games out at the ranch, go for a night hike, and have s’mores around the campfire while we listen to old cowboy stories.


Cowboy Campouts

Perfect for families though everyone is welcome

Bring out your whole family for a cowboy campout. Play games, night hike, and s’mores around the campfire.


Community Day

Everyone is welcome

Larger scale events where we invite the community or larger organization groups in to experience ranch culture and have fun! Demonstrations, games, and more! Our goal is to bring new experiences, engage the entire family unit in outdoor exercise and have fun!


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